I’m just a girl that loves to dream about running around naked, but I’m kind of shy. So my stories let me do it, at least on paper. Would I actually do that if I had the chance? Hmm. I guess I need to get the chance.

Books in the Permanude Universe by Gloria…


Amber comes home to find her parents in the living room, naked and screwing. It seems they’ve both just cashed out from their successful startup as well as signed up the family to be Permanude


Amy is a fresh out of high school and enjoying the summer before starting college. She lives with her parents in a home that used to be a nudist camp, and therein lies the story.


I’m a good girl, I am. So why am I standing here naked in the middle a Cancun bar about to sign up for two years Permanude?


How will Cindy survive high school now that her dad stripped her naked and made it law for the next two years? Can she find nudist friends to help fit into the lifestyle?


A shopping trip with the cool girls turns into shoplifting, and Gina’s the one that’s caught. Now she’s facing a Permanude sentence of at least two years.


Ivy’s got everything perfect for her wedding. Then the mailman shows up with her Permanude registration…


The Permanude Law encourages high schools to have community outreach and body positive courses… And Mark’s school that gets that ball rolling.


Wendy is a girl with a problem. The only problem is, the solution may be worse than the problem!

What do you say?

Then she walked in. Flaming red hair, porcelain skin . . . and not a stitch of clothing on!

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