Belle’s Naked Sex Ed Class

Belle’s Naked Sex Ed Class

eBook: $2.99
Series: Permanude Universe, Belle, Book 28

Belle just wants to get her diploma from Hog Holler High in South Carolina. Except now those new folks at the state house have passed the Permanude Law and someone thinks every senior over 18 needs to take a new sex ed class before they can graduate. Only this time, the students will be naked and the course hands-on, hard-on, or something.

Belle's single experience with sex has been ho-hum. Should she pick a guy to pair with her for this course? Can she find someone with a cock who will slow down and consider her needs? Just exactly when will they make her get naked? The horror of walking around the halls of school naked is humiliating and terrifying. Can she rebel or can they make it worth her while to let everyone see her boobies and pussy?

Come follow Belle as she discovers that there is a whole lot more to sex than she has ever experienced before.

This is a story full of high school, sex, and nudity. If that bothers you, or causes PTSD flashbacks to your school years, please find something else to read. All the sex in this book is consensual and all the participants are 18 or older.

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