Holly’s Naked Island School

Holly’s Naked Island School

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Series: Permanude Universe, Holly, Book 36

It's Holly's first day at her new school and she's having one of those ‘naked in school’ dreams. Only she's the one in the shirt and shorts. It's half her classmates that are naked!
After six months of searching for a job, her dad accepted one on a south sea island. The tour books had little to say about it. What they did say is that the islanders avoided the missionaries and European invasions of the colonial era and still maintained some of their ‘quaint’ native ways.
Now Holly's experiencing those quaint native ways first hand. Like clothing (It's hot! Who needs any?) and sex (It's fun! Enjoy lots of it!) While many of the new hires and their kids wear clothes, many have joined the locals in short grass skirts and leis . . . or less.
Thankfully, Holly has help surviving all the shocks. There's a new boy in school, also from California. He's in shorts and a t-shirt, just like her. Maybe the two of them can help each other.
Will they help each other stay dressed . . . or go with the quaint island ways? How soon will it be before Holly is enjoying after-school sex on a nude beach or after-breakfast sex on that wonderful overlook near her house?
One perk is that the island offers their own sex ed classes. Two dozen teenagers share the palm-tree shade on an island all by themselves as they learn positions never taught in California schools! Holly and Mike get about the highest score ever, and all the other young women and men don't score too badly either!
What happens when Holly meets the king of the island over dinner? Will she stammer and stutter at his huge, hard body and even harder erection? Over dessert, the chief lets the two kids in on just what prize the top of their class gets.
You're really going to want to read the next book!

Holly's Naked Island School is a novel of 43,000 words set in the fantasy world of the Permanude Universe. The fun happens in an island paradise where clothes are optional and sex is frequent, and frequently done as a team sport with an audience cheering the participants along or joining them in the fun. If any of these are offensive to you: a paradise island, clothing-optional environments, or plentiful sex, you might want to read another book.
This book is intended for a mature audience. There is masturbation, nudity, sex. All characters in the book are over 18.

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