Mark’s School Does Naked: Guam Goes Permanude
Mark’s Naked United Bike Ride: Guam Goes Nude

Mark’s Naked United Bike Ride: Guam Goes Nude

Series: Permanude Universe, Mark, Book 2

Mark is part of the Nude in Modern Society program on Guam. He has two delightful girls to take care of and who are taking care of him, very well. They have their first weekend naked. Should they throw an orgy to see if swapping friends might make the heartbreak of going their own separate ways after graduation any easier? How about attending a command pool party and stand by naked with the old wives' club tries to wreck the program. However, one of the gals has a wild suggestion, “Let’s go to the north coast.” That involves driving naked through every town on the west coast. Then it gets better. As they turn off the main road, one of Mark's girl friends calls for a slight change of plan. Where she wants to ride, and where she wants to bury Mark's pulsing rod leaves Mark harder than he’s ever been. Now he's driving just fast enough to keep those delightful vibrations going between his legs, but as slow as he can for safety. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, his other girlfriend is doing a great reach-around and fantastic things to the other gal’s joy button. And she wants to ride all the way back, just as impaled on Mark, through the towns to the very Navy base gate. Will Mark survive his first weekend naked?

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