Matt & Amy

Matt and Amy Get Naked

Matt and Amy Get Naked

eBook: $2.99
Series: Permanude Universe, Matt & Amy, Book 30

We've enjoyed the story of how Amy Gets Naked. However, did you ever wonder what was going on behind Matt's embarrassed grin? Here's the story from Matt's viewpoint as he goes from a virgin with no girlfriend to a sexually experienced young man with two attractive and hyperactive sex partners: Amy and Viv.
Like Alice, he takes a nose dive down a rabbit hole into a Wonderland. Suddenly he's living in a world that doesn't come close to matching his widest fantasies. Somehow, a summer that was supposed to involve repairing dilapidated camp cabins turns into a wild time of sex and fun. Matt is only too enthusiastic to let the first girl he ever saw naked, much less had sex with, haul him around by his boner from one madcap naked sex-capade to another.
For long-time readers, this is not just a rehash of the same story. Matt remembers things a bit differently. He also has some very interesting reflections of his own on what's going on here. Even after stripping out Amy's thoughts, Matt's story grew from 33,000 words to over 50,000.
Matt & Amy Get Naked is a fantasy set in the Permanude Universe. It has a lot of people, eighteen-years-old or older, enjoying not only public nudity, but also public sex. If that offends you, please don’t read this book.
Special note to readers - my SO and I have spent far too much time in hospitals the last six months. I chose this project to help me get back in the writing mode. I hope you like it.

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