Amy Gets Naked: A Three Story Collection

Amy Gets Naked: A Three Story Collection

This book has all three of Amy's stories together!

Amy Gets Naked, How Amy Got Her Friends Naked, and How Amy Got California Permanude

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Series: Permanude Universe, Amy, Book 17
Publisher: Books by Gloria
Publication Year: 2017
eBook Price: 4.99
About the Book

Amy Gets Naked Amy’s just a normal high school graduate enjoying the summer before starting college with her parents in their home that used to be a nudist camp, and therein lies the story. The large pool’s old filtration system was never designed with swimsuits in mind. Thus, her dad insists boys swim naked, and her mom insists girls can too. Amy has no problems with that. However, the day the son of one of her dad’s old war buddies comes to town, she really gets some fun out of it. He likes to swim. She offers to swim with him, then strips. The eighteen-year-old is a virgin who has never seen a real girl really naked. One thing leads to another, some of this, a bit of that, and soon Amy realizes she really needs birth control. When her mom is ready to take her into down, Amy balks at dressing. She’s just going to have to strip for the female exam. Why bother? Will Amy get away with going naked to town this time? What about the next? And the time after that? When exactly will Amy put on some clothes?

How Amy Got Her Friends Naked How did Amy get her friends naked? At a weekend pool party. Of course, she has to go into town to get food for the party. Will Amy get dressed? Will Matt or Viv get dressed? Can they keep a naked Matt from getting a hard-on in the center of town? Will they all get arrested? After the weekend party, how many of Amy’s friends will hang out Monday, Tuesday, etc., lounging by the pool, just as naked as Amy? What happens when the whole lot of them amble off for town just as naked as Amy?

How Amy Got California Permanude is a hoot. Amy really doesn’t want to get dressed. Can she talk her town council into making Centerville nude friendly? Can she get her junior college to let kids go to school naked? When she’s called to Sacramento by her state senator to testify about the proposed law that would make California the first Permanude state, will she get dressed, or will she ride the train from home to San Francisco to Sacramento just as Permanently Nude as she wants to be?

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