What Do You Say To a Naked Girl?

What Do You Say To a Naked Girl?

Eddie is just minding his own business, waiting for class to start, staring out the window, daydreaming. Then she walked in. Flaming red hair, porcelain skin . . . and not a stitch of clothing on! Worse, she walks over and asks him if she could sit where he's sitting. Dumbstruck, he moves over to the next chair. Two classes later, she wants his desk again. In his last class, he has the only vacant chair in class next to him . . . and she walks in again!

At least by the end of the day he's learned to stammer.

So begins a quiet, shy, Texas boy's introduction to the Permanude lifestyle. How does he explain to his mom that he's got cash and needs it added it to his lunch account, so he can buy lunch for a naked girl and hang out with her in the library? How does he get permission to attend a clothing-optional pool party? What swimsuit does he wear when every time he sets eyes on Addy, he pops a boner? How long does he keep his suit on when he's the only one not naked at the party?

These are only a few of the questions confronting a boy as he struggles to quit stammering and say something intelligible to a naked girl.

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Series: Permanude Universe, What Do You Say?, Book 20
Publisher: Books by Gloria
Publication Year: 2018
eBook Price: 2.99
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