What Do You Say to Naked Girls?

What Do You Say to Naked Girls?

Eddy has just gotten comfortable being naked at Addy's pool parties. The people are cool and don’t laugh at him and his regular boners around Addy. Then, Tina and Lori walk in, and suddenly he's stuttering again as he tries to talk to two naked girls he's had a crush on since second grade. Of course, they were the ones that bushwhacked him and followed him back to the library to meet Addy for lunch. They were the ones who quickly became Addy's best friends. They were the ones that Addy insisted had a crush on him!

Now Eddy has to figure out what to say to three naked girls. Oh, and he's answering a phone call begging him to come pick them up at the mall. Did the girls actually shoplift just so they could be as naked as Addy?

How does Eddy get permission on Monday to take the girls to the women's clinic to get protection? How did Eddy end up in the room with two naked girls as they get a full women's exam? What does he do now that he's following three naked girls around the school halls?

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Series: Permanude Universe, What Do You Say?, Book 21
Publisher: Books by Gloria
Publication Year: 2018
eBook Price: 2.99
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